Raw and robust: choose a lightweight Hello Table

Are you looking for a stylish concrete table? Our concrete table tops are all unique and are available in a wide range of styles, shades of concrete and sizes. Each table is custom made by a local craftsman: with sweeping motions he places a layer of concrete on your wooden table top. 

The result? A raw and robust table top that is lightweight, waterproof, heat resistant, stain resistant and truly one of a kind.

Also perfect for your bar or restaurant
Scratch resistent, for your whole family
Perfectly custom made, just for you
Available in various shades of concrete

Hello Table in your bar or restaurant

hello tafal

Our table tops are true eyecatchers
Concrete tables are not only suitable for living rooms, but also for bars and restaurants. Did a customer spill some wine? Did a waiter put a hot plate on a table? No problem, our heat and stain resistant concrete can handle it.

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