At Hello Table, you choose your own table base

Our concrete table tops can be perfectly combined with steel bases, but also with all kinds of natural materials. For example, the combination of concrete and wood is widely used. Because wood has many interesting characteristics, this makes for a nice and charming look. 

But at Hello Table, we also offer you several other stylish table bases. Choose the base that matches your unique style: sturdy and striking or elegant and natural. The choice is yours!

Also perfect for your bar or restaurant
Wood + concrete = widely used
Perfectly handmade, just for you
Choose your own table base

Hello Table in your bar or restaurant

hello tafal

Draw attention to your tables
We are certain your bar or restaurant gets a kick out of our custom made concrete tables. We are also certain your customers love to enjoy a good meal or a nice drink at these unique tables. Wanna try? 

Visit our showroom and come and see for yourself

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