Does concrete match or accent your home?

Discover stylish new ideas for your home

Concrete furniture looks amazing in almost every home. Curious if a Hello Table matches your unique style? Or are you looking for some home decoration and interior design ideas? Grab a cup of coffee or tea, scroll through our lookbook and get inspired!

How thick do you make your table tops?

Top thickness has a big impact on character

Every Hello Table is custom made

Just the way you like it

Whatever your personal style is…

A concrete table is always easy to combine

Hello Table, a true eyecatcher

Your bar or restaurant gets a kick out of our tables

No matter how you like to decorate your home…

A Hello Table always matches your ideas

Stain? Scratch? No!

Our concrete is waterproof and heat - and stain resistant

At Hello Table, we are very flexibel

Available in a wide range of shapes, colors and sizes

Visit our showroom and come and see for yourself

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